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(invertebrate zoology)
A forked process as the last abdominal segment of certain crustaceans, and as part of the spring in collembolans.
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special organs in some insects and crustaceans.

(1) A part of the internal chitinous skeleton of an insect thorax, also known as apophysis. The furca projects into the body in the form of a furcate outgrowth (on the ventral side of the thoracic segments), to which muscle tendons are attached.

(2) A springing organ of insects of the order Collembola, also known as furcula. The furca consists of a pair of out-growths grown together at their base on the ventral side of the fourth abdominal segment. When at rest these outgrowths are folded under the abdomen and secured to a special outgrowth on the third abdominal segment. The furca can unfold downward and backward with force, and when it strikes the ground, it can propel the insect into the air.

(3) A pair of appendages at the end of the last abdominal segment in some crustaceans, such as copepods.

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by having a pointed and less recurved hook on the postantennal process of both sexes, a basal semispherical knob on the dentiform process of the maxillule of both sexes, broad flanges on the pointed tines of the female sternal furca, a subtriangular inner lobe on the female leg 5, and two accessory claws on the endopod of the male antenna.
Longitud de las apofisis: 1/3 del largo del tallo de la furca (0); 1/5 del largo del tallo de la furca (1); 1/10 del largo del tallo de la furca (2) 5.
furca was observed in salinities up to 42psu, higher than previously reported salinities for this species in the United States (16-22psu), Norway (20-25psu), Mexico (13-35psu), Thailand (21-25psu) and Japan (30-32psu; Baek et al., 2008).
(2007) estudaram em caes a expressao de componentes da matriz extracelular na regeneracao de defeitos de furca classe II (profundos, mas que mantem a parede lingual), utilizando uma membrana naoreabsorvivel e tres reabsorviveis.
They are laid out in perpendicular series to the trackway axis, on both sides of a double furrow due to the furca mark.
Excretory vesicle V-shaped filled with excretory granules, arms reaching pharynx level, opening on the inner side of each furca end.
During this period, 38-62% of the total hook and line effort was made on the western fishing grounds, targeting an off-reef species (Aphareus furca (Lacepede) [Lutjanidae]).
1:x:24 ("Naturam expelles furca, tamen usque recurret.") (You may expel nature with a pitchfork, yet she will always return).
As the second Earl of Bridgewater, the Elder Brother became a staunch royalist and wrote in his copy of Defensio Prima, "Liber igni, Author furca, dignissimi" ("The book is most deserving of burning, the author of the gallows').
But he had been crushing me slowly, and when we started to argue on the top of the Furca Pass he was perhaps nearer a success than either he or I imagined.