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floor area ratio

The ratio of the total floor area of a building (excluding areas such as mechanical rooms or the areas of floors used exclusively for mechanical equipment) to the area of the lot on which the building is built.
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That's because the furthest thing you can see in the galaxy without the aid of any telescope is(https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/aug/25/starwatch-the-furthest-thing-you-can-see-with-the-naked-eye) the Andromeda Galaxy , which is a collection of about a trillion stars that lies around 2.5 million light years from us.
However, scientists think there is a good chance of more planets beyond TOI-270 d -- the furthest of the three.
Most of Pharaohs fixtures took place further north.First, Egypt travelled to Ekaterinburg, the furthest east city in the tournament, to play Uruguay in Group A on June 15, a match the team lost 1-0.
The Matalan team pulling over 40 tonnes of aircraft the furthest
They identified around 100,000 galaxies and selected several candidates that appeared furthest away due to their colours.
They plan to set a new benchmark for the furthest distance ever danced by a couple.
Going into FA Cup secondround day, Luton are favourites with Blue Square Bet to be the furthest progressing side from outside the elite 92 in the competition and the Hatters will be expected to beat Dorchester.
All teachers want a way to inspire and challenge those students who are furthest ahead, provide targeted help and assistance to those furthest behind, and engage fully and effectively with the students in the middle.
furthest north in Asia founded by Alexander the Great, now Khujand,
"These latest hijackings are the furthest east of any pirate attacks in the area since the start of EU NAVFOR s Operation Atalanta in December 2008, almost 600 miles outside the normal EU NAVFOR operating area," it said on its website.
Dubai Insiders have warned Furthest Land's Dubai World Cup rivals that the Group 1 Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile champion has taken to Meydan's artificial Tapeta surface like a duck to water.