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Instead, we ought to use genetics and AI to personalise teaching, in the same way they already help find tailored treatments for cancer patients, the futurologist argues.
We are proud that this project has not only got the attention of futurologists, but also the design community.
That is why 20th century futurologists like Herman Khan and Buckminster Fuller could make long-term predictions about the new world that would confront humankind some 30 years later.
Chaired by Sarah Montague, a presenter on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, the conference will include BT's futurologist, Ian Pearson; David Blake, director of the Pensions Institute; and Barbara Moorhouse FCMA, director-general of finance at the Department for Constitutional Affairs.
As futurologist Dr Peter Elyard states: "the journey to an ecologically sustainable or green future is a journey of imagination, design and innovation.
One futurologist predicted that computer chips will be inserted into the human body and connected to nerves to govern sensations.
In people's minds, says Shell's chief futurologist Ged Davis, "before September 11 there was a bias towards the Business Class outlook".
Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson said: "Developments in technology will mean there will be possibilities for tech to be introduced into sport to help benefit it, much like VAR.
EduCycle has been developed as part of Neste's Pre-Order the Future project, which brought together Neste's experts, the marketing agency TBWA, the Finnish digital animation and visual effects studio FAKE Oy, and spoken word artist Prince Ea, who is the project's futurologist.
So-called futurologist Dr Ian Pearson forecasts that electric cars will become the "new norm" by 2026, based on the research by the government-funded Go Ultra Low campaign.
Rohit Talwar, Futurologist, and CEO of Fast Future, was the afternoon keynote, taking us on a tour of the forces, trends and emerging ideas shaping the next decade.