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Getting back in the jet after being gone for a few days, whether bouncing back from being sick or re-acclimating post an amazing vacation, be watchful for differences in G-tolerance, fatigue or focus and tailor the mission to align with what you are able to do.
In the end, simply flying as regularly as possible is the best way to stay sharp and maintain G-tolerance."
Nutrition and nutritional supplements have effects on G-tolerance. You feel tired, sleepy or sluggish a half hour after eating because that is about how long it takes for your small intestine to start digesting.
Dehydration drastically reduces G-tolerance and must be combated before each sortie.
However, a smarter sequence from a G-tolerance standpoint is to intersperse 3,000-foot sets between the 9,000-foot and 6,000-foot sets.
Also, recognize that the level of strain that seemed to work fine yesterday might not work today, because your G-tolerance and endurance vary from day to day.
After baseline G-tolerance testing, crews were asked to enter a thermal chamber, which simulated a severe summer scenario (i.e., no shade, no wind, 95[degrees]F temperature and 85% humidity).