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1. a hook or open notch in a rod or lever that drops over the spindle of a valve to form a temporary connection for operating the valve
2. a pointed tool used in masonry
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A social networking service similar to Twitter that was introduced in 2017. Like Parler, Gab features uncensored free speech and attracts conservative and alt-right members. In early 2021, after Amazon stopped hosting the Parler service, Gab membership increased dramatically. See alt-right, Parler and social networking service.

Speak Freely!
Gab emphasizes that its platform lets people say what is on their mind no matter how controversial.
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The Davao City 3rd District representative earlier said the printing of the GAB was halted due to the issue; however, there was already a notice to proceed with the printing.
'Thereafter, the rules committee will refer the 2020 GAB to the committee on appropriations for its consideration,' he added, saying already sorted out all issues as to the procedure and goals for the 2020 budget.
Ungab, meanwhile, insisted that the GAB he filed last weekwas faithful to the National Expenditure Program.
Ungab said it is "established procedure" to prepare the GAB immediately after submission by the executive department, noting that the printing of the bill at the APO Production Unit and the National Economic and Development Authority is 'almost finished".
With this in mind, Mitra said GAB will organize the first-ever Philippine Professional Sports Summit on Sept.
Named GAB Awwal, the card boasts features including no interest (riba), fair pricing, no compounded fees and a shop safely purchase protection for cardholders amongst other benefits.
Durant le 1er trimestre 2019, le reseau GAB a realise 77,5 millions de retraits effectues par les cartes bancaires marocaines et etrangeres, en progression de +7,4%, pour un montant global de 70,1 milliards de dirhams (MMDH), en progression de +7,8%, soit une activite mensuelle moyenne de 3.859 operations de retrait pour un montant global de 3,4 millions de dirhams (MDH) pour chaque GAB.
The platform allows the creation, storage and exchange of government documents between departments under the GAB's supervision, once they have been approved by the Saudi National Center for Documents and Archives.
The association is accused of not abiding by the mission and vision of GAB as registered with the Civil Society Organization Authority (CSOA), which has not benefited guides, instead pocketed money for their own benefits and misused GAB office for private purpose.
Messages on a Gab account bearing Bowers' name and image have turned a harsh spotlight on the site, which went offline Sunday as some long-standing partner companies such as GoDaddy and PayPal backed away from Torba's creation.
Gab's website went offline Sunday night, and was replaced with a statement saying that its service would be temporarily inaccessible.