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1. a hook or open notch in a rod or lever that drops over the spindle of a valve to form a temporary connection for operating the valve
2. a pointed tool used in masonry
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A social networking service similar to Twitter that was introduced in 2017. Like Parler, Gab features uncensored free speech and attracts conservative and alt-right members. In early 2021, after Amazon stopped hosting the Parler service, Gab membership increased dramatically. See alt-right, Parler and social networking service.

Speak Freely!
Gab emphasizes that its platform lets people say what is on their mind no matter how controversial.
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Time after time I've missed scoring a point because the other man has had the gift of the gab and I haven't.
'Worn't one o' these chaps slim and tall, with long hair, and the gift o' the gab wery gallopin'?'
He said the Gabs Experience offered tourists and citizens educational tours through Gaborone, visiting historical sites and monuments such as the three Dikgosi monuments at CBD, the museum and other spots where they could relax such as local braai places and night clubs.
Gabs is a makeup artist whose looks, as shown on her Instagram (@gabsgibbs) account, are playful and experimental.