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(1) Pronounced "gah-jit," slang for any hardware device, typically small. Synonymous with "gizmo." Smartphones, tablets and portable game and music players are sometimes placed in the gadget category. See fondleslab.

(2) A mini app that stays on screen to provide quick functionality. Search box, clock, weather, calculator and stock market gadgets are typical examples. The gadget may be static, such as a calculator, that requires input from the user, or be "live" and changing such as the weather and stock market.

Gadgets were available for Windows Vista and 7, the Google Desktop and the personal home pages of Windows Live and iGoogle. Gadgets are called "widgets" ("wih-jit") on smartphones, tablets, the Mac desktop and other environments. See widget, Sidebar, Google Desktop and iGoogle.

Windows Gadgets
Available in Windows Vista and 7, Gadgets were dropped in Windows 8, although live tiles offered similar functions (see live tiles).
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