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gadroon, godroon

An ornament composed chiefly of ovoid or more elongated bosses regularly repeated, side by side.
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These include the Rendez-Vous Secret featuring a slightly domed lid adorned with diamonds and sapphires in the form of a flower; Reverso One Duetto Jewelry whose iconic diamond-lined gadroons were inspired by vintage Art Deco designs of the 1930s; Rendez-Vous Celestial with a handpainted, sky-theme dial, and Rendez-Vous Moon Medium with an elliptical guilloche pattern at the heart of the dial.
4 carats) on the bezel itself, sculpted with gadroons all around the watch.
10, lined a long way by a glowing tawny light, not very pure in colour and distinctly textured in hummocks, bodies like a shoal of dolphins, or in what are called gadroons, or as the Japanese conventionally represent waves.
Equally appealing is an imposing 200-cm walnut candelabra from the late 16th century with Galerie Saint-Martin (5 and 11 rue des Saints-Peres), carved with acanthus foliage, gadroons, grotesques and fruit.
24) This vase, made of rock crystal engraved with gadroons, is topped with a lid with a radiating decoration of oval medallions and cherubs' heads organised round the knob, formed from a bouquet of rioters in the same vein as the garland on the other cup, but supported by four children's beads (Fig.