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1. a 19th-century couple dance in quick duple time
2. a piece of music composed for this dance



a 19th-century ballroom dance executed with a swift, galloping movement. The musical meter is 2/4. The galop apparently originated in Germany and spread throughout Europe in the early 19th century. It was used in operas, operettas, and ballets. Well-known galops include those by E. Waldteufel, J. Lanner, and J. Strauss the Younger. Schubert, Liszt, Glinka, and Tchaikovsky created serious artistic examples of the galop.

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Dettori is now clear to return to race riding following the suspension imposed on him by France Galop at a hearing on December 5, 2012 into a failed test for a prohibited substance.
BHA is seeking further clari-fication from France Galop but is unable to make any additional comment at this time.
A lengthy ban from France Galop could potentially rule Dettori out of prestigious races including the Derby, the Oaks, the 1000 Guineas and the 2000 Guineas.
After the introductory commentary, the following dances were demonstrated, with the appropriate recorded music from the band repertoire: polonaise (Presidential Polonaise by John Philip Sousa), Viennese waltz (Sousa's La Reine de la Mer Waltzes and Belle of the Ball by Leroy Anderson), slow [box] waltz ("Wallflower Waltz" from Suite of Old American Dances by Robert Russell Bennett), polka (Sound from the Black Hills Polka by Felix Vinatieri), galop (Sousa's On Wings of Lightning), circus galop (Steeplechase Galop by Russell Alexander), schottische ("Rainbow Schottische" from the 1854 Brass Band Journal and Sousa's Silver Spray Schottische), the two-step (Sousa's Washington Post), the one-step (The Junk Man Rag by C.
Fallon previously served a six-month suspension imposed by France Galop for testing positive for a metabolite of cocaine in June 2006.
Jump jockey Dean Gallagher was banned for 18 months by France Galop when he failed a second drugs test in 2002.
It] is a very effective arrangement for dance orchestra of the 'Grand galop chromatique' by Franz Liszt (which appeared in 1838).
FRANCE GALOP has confirmed one horse at Cagnes-sur-Mer is being treated for the potentially deadly neurological variant of equine herpes virus.
in order to propose and create a strong synergy between the various activities on the racecourse of parislongchamp as well as to allow france galop to have a single interlocutor, the present contract is not divided into separate lots.
THE British Horseracing Authority is poised to issue Frankie Dettori's riding licence once the rider has been given clearance to return to the saddle by France Galop.