galvanic anode

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sacrificial anode

A metal plate used in cathodic protection (i.e., the protection from corrosion) of piping or other equipment to which it is electrically connected. This metal plate must be more corrodible than the piping to which it is attached.
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As a result, the half of steel bars as the galvanic anode situated on the surface side severely corroded.
If galvanic anodes are used for cathodic protection in an area of AC influence and if test stations are available, the following tests should be conducted during each pipeline corrosion survey using suitable instrumentation: a) Measure and record both the AC and DC currents from the anodes, b) Measure and record the AC & DC pipe-to-soil potentials.
We use a rectifier or galvanic anode to create a complete circuit between the anode and the pipe, throwing current through the ground (or water) and creating chemical reactions on the pipe surface which prevent corrosion.
These readings include 258 rectifiers in two states and all galvanic anode systems.
Sacrificial galvanic anodes are used to control corrosion on steel gas distribution lines.
Among specific topics are a local regular dual reciprocity method for a two dimensional convection-diffusion equation, a coupling strategy between the boundary element methods and Kansa's method for acoustic analysis of heterogeneous media, a least squares solution applied to plate analysis using the traction boundary integral equation, the boundary element analysis of deformation and movement of a capsule and a red blood cell close to the wall, three-dimensional acoustic simulation inside closed rooms bounded by non-parallel floor and ceiling surfaces, and calculating the protective current density distribution of a cathode protection system with galvanic anodes in terms of double-layer electrolyte.
Galvanic anodes and impressed current rectifiers have been employed to perform this task for many years.
Repairs using low shrinkage Mapegrout mortars can be further enhanced by the use of Mapeshield galvanic anodes. "Available as both internal and external anodes and in a choice of 10- or 20-year lifetime options, the building owner or facility manager has, for the first time in the region, the choice of repair vs lifetime options depending on his budget and anticipated used of the structure," said Haboubi.