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Chess an opening move in which a chessman, usually a pawn, is sacrificed to secure an advantageous position


A variant of Scheme R3.99 supporting the future construct of Multilisp by Marc Feeley <>. Implementation includes optimising compilers for Macintosh (with Toolbox and built-in editor) and Motorola 680x0 Unix systems and HP300, BBN GP100 and NeXT. Version 2.0 conforms to the IEEE Scheme standard.

Gambit used PVM as its intermediate language.,

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Now the company is looking to expand production of its innovative drug, Galanthamine, on the back of a pounds 850,000 funding round, executed by Cardiff-based Gambit Corporate Finance.
Tellingly, when Chambers' Edinburgh Journal pondered the widespread popularity of chess in 1839 it chose to make reference to Evans' Gambit : Like an universal alphabet, the chess-board is known to all nations.
Channing Tatum appears to have gotten himself busy fighting off bad guys starting from his role as Jenko in "22 Jump Street" and ending to a newly confirmed Gambit role in the "X-Men" spinoff, known as "X-Men: Apocalypse.
Gambit is so awful I would rather search for a needle in a giant hay stack than watch it again.
Harriss's opening gambit, which secures a marriage that produces two children, has triumphed over the success of Stevens's earlier orthodoxy.
I am hoping to hold them off with a dazzling gambit.
Male funnel-web spiders seem to be wafting some kind of knockout gas toward the females they court--a tricky gambit since a laboratory test shows the substance can also knock out the male.
The land-locked crew of Gambit had been branded no-hopers by title rivals.
Jones continued to work his property tax fraud gambit even after he no longer worked for the city.
The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) recently declassified two of America's top satellite reconnaissance programs GAMBIT (also known as KH-7 and KH-8) and HEXAGON (KH-9) 25 years after their top secret Cold War-era missions ended.
Synopsys Inc has acquired electronic design automation tools and services supplier Gambit Automation Design Inc, according to a report in EE Times.
6 last October includes Fluent's Gambit preprocessor, which makes it easier to import existing CAD files and to create new ones, Fluent says.