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gambrel roof, gambrel

gambrel roof, 1
1. (US) A roof which has two pitches on each side; in Great Britain called a mansard roof.
2. (Brit.) A roof which has a small gable near the ridge on one end; the part of the roof below the gable is inclined. Also see Dutch gambrel roof, English gambrel roof, Flemish gambrel roof, New England gambrel roof, Swedish gambrel roof.
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Shortly after members of the 310th headed out for duty, Gambrel heard that Ann Landers was discontinuing her "Write a Soldier" campaign because of the anthrax scare.
Gable roof types predominated (Figure 6); however, as early as 1904, gambrel roof types began to appear on the Old Mission Peninsula (Figure 7).
The houses of Lindenlea follow the interior planning concepts of Adam's designs for the Federal Housing Committee, as presented in the JAIA and The Builder, but revert to a reinterpretation of more traditional Canadian stylizations (such as the gambrel roof) on the exterior.
Key features of cape-style homes are gambrel and bell-shaped roofs, generous porches, and free-flowing living spaces.
If I'm in camp, I also bring along their Backcountry Gambrel and Hoist ($26), which collapses down for transport but folds into place quickly to hang deer-sized game for skinning and quartering.
Dixon and his colleague, Matthew Herzberg, asked her to consider changing the roofline from pitched to gambrel, to give it more presence and get an extra 30 inches or so on the cramped second floor, a convincing argument for the 5-foot-10 Gray.
Beth Nieman, business development coordinator at Smith Gambrel and Russell, is based in Atlanta.
Town & Country and Steven Gambrel chose Six Degrees of Separation, alluding to the film's art theme by decorating the apartment with color and works of art.
If you've never skinned an animal I would suggest hanging the hog, back legs up, head down on a gambrel or similar device (illustration C).
These quirky paintings depict different types of houses set upon female bodies--pedimented facade, clapboard colonial, gambrel barn, apartment tower--in a manner recalling the birdcage hats placed on window-display mannequins by several of the artist's friends and acquaintances for the International Surrealist Exhibition in Paris in 1938.
T-Hanger[R] adjustable, zinc coated, heavy-duty, steel gambrel.
On the Peninsula however, many houses are of the asymmetrical subtype or the gambrel roof subtype (Westphal 1997).