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gambrel roof, gambrel

gambrel roof, 1
1. (US) A roof which has two pitches on each side; in Great Britain called a mansard roof.
2. (Brit.) A roof which has a small gable near the ridge on one end; the part of the roof below the gable is inclined. Also see Dutch gambrel roof, English gambrel roof, Flemish gambrel roof, New England gambrel roof, Swedish gambrel roof.
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After buying that property for $3.85 million in 2011, Gambrel put his own touch on the home, redesigning it from top to bottom.
Between the wooden studs of the gambrel ceiling, we applied foil-covered foam boards to allow an air gap for hot summer air to escape up to the roof ridge vent.
Gambrel earned his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from Nova Southeastern University.
The prevalence rate of UI has been estimated to be between 45% and 70% for residents in long-term care settings (DuBeau, Simon, & Morris, 2006; Lekan-Rutledge, 2004; McCliment, 2002; Newman, Gaines, & Snare, 2005; Palmer, 2008; Sparks, Boyer, Gambrel, & Lovett, 2004; Yn, Kaltreider, Hu, Igou, & Craighead, 1989).
"This is one of the first ones that we built for one of the Goldman Sachs partners," Dalene observes, gesturing at a shingled manse with a second-story deck framed by a reverse gambrel and doghouse dormers.
Dead deer were hung by the back legs, which were spread using a gambrel. After 2 hours, keds began moving to extremities such as the nose, ears, and lower legs.
Another, much more complex design tested at 0.9 ach--not a simple ugly box, but 1.5 stories with a gambrel roof, multiple dormers and a large bonus room over an attached garage.
In New York, noted designer Steven Gambrel, ac customed to decorating multimillion dollar homes on the Upper East Side and the Hamptons, has connected with Bob Kelty and New York's Coalition for the Homeless to develop an inexpensive how-to kit to help people who are having to start over, often due to foreclosure or the loss of a job.
The house was built in 2003 and sits on 1.01 acres, which includes Gambrel roof barn, a 192-square-foot shed and 96 feet of Wenatchee River waterfront.
Brothers Paul Hands, 28, of Holebottom and Andrew Hands, 25, of Atlas Street, and Stephen Hinchcliffe, 25, of Gambrel Bank Road, all of Ashton-Under-Lyne, were each sentenced to four years in prison for admitting burglary and assault.
Gambrel of London, Ky., suspended for two years, effective Aug.
Caption(s): Mayer Rus, House & Garden / Pamela Fiori of Town & Country / Designer Temo Callahan / Ori Ben-Dor, left, and Alexa Stevenson of Hamptons Cottages & Gardens / Designer Randy Kemper / Designer Steven Gambrel / Naz Tesfit of Agostino / Designer Thomas Burak