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gambrel roof, gambrel

gambrel roof, 1
1. (US) A roof which has two pitches on each side; in Great Britain called a mansard roof.
2. (Brit.) A roof which has a small gable near the ridge on one end; the part of the roof below the gable is inclined. Also see Dutch gambrel roof, English gambrel roof, Flemish gambrel roof, New England gambrel roof, Swedish gambrel roof.
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Literature describes spacious gambrel roof design; custom sizes available.
The award was presented at a special ceremony conducted by AACCLA president William Gambrel in Washington, D.
Debbie Gambrel, a customer service team leader at Ford Motor Credit company in Colorado Springs, has also been successful at motivating several of her co-workers to help in her effort.
Exercise physiologist Doug Gambrel has also indicated that about 10 percent of the people who work out experience overtraining during a given year.
The structure features a gambrel roofline often used in many Ukrainian barns built during the twenties as it was easier to construct and offered greater storage capacity than the gable or steep thatched roofs that were originally used.
Above the doors, a custom window emphasizes the form of the shed's gambrel roof.
The earliest known example of a Dutch gambrel roof in America was built on the Ackerman house in Hackensack, N.
One of the most common housing types found at Lindenlea was the front gambrel roof type.
Ron Gambrel, manager, Red & White, Fairfield, Ill.
It was a three-story dairy barn with a gambrel roof and an exposed basement foundation made from massive granite slabs quarried on the farm.