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game laws

game laws, restrictions on the hunting or capture of wild game, whether bird, beast, or fish. After the Norman Conquest (1066), England enacted stringent game laws, known as the Forest Laws, which made hunting the sole privilege of the king and his nobles. Other European feudal states had similar laws. The English laws softened progressively after the 16th cent., and in the 19th cent. hunting was open to all who obtained a license. In the United States game laws have been directed at protecting wildlife from indiscriminate slaughter by trappers, hunters, and fishermen. The almost total extermination of the bison in the 19th cent. demonstrated the need for conservation laws, now in effect in nearly all states. Common protective devices include prohibitions against lake and river pollution; designation of a closed season during which game may not be taken; limitation of the age, size, or sex of the game hunted; the requirement of licenses, even in open season; and restrictions and prohibition of the sale or possession of game meat. Ironically, because license fees often fund state conservation agencies, conservationist efforts often depend upon persons whose hunting may contribute to the endangerment of some species.


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One reason for the rising intensity of the debate may have been awareness that it was displeasure with and disagreement over the French game laws that might be said to have marked the first stirrings of revolutionary fervor.
The 1989 act made Oregon one of the first three members of a new interstate game law compact.
Before, during, and after his tenure in the White House, Roosevelt teamed up with other elite sportsmen to transform the sportsman's code into national policy, ushering in greater enforcement of game laws, developing wildlife refuges, establishing and protecting National Parks, founding the system of National Forests, and, ultimately, generating a much greater awareness of the plight of wild animals among the American public.
"There may be a little more respect for game laws and game wardens because people see poachers getting caught."
It is a Lacey Act violation if you import (or attempt to import) wildlife that was taken in contradiction of foreign game laws.
I was fortunate in that my father and grandfathers would never have approved of my breaking any law, including game laws. I remember coming home from school one day and revealing to my father a brilliant idea I'd picked up from some friends.
He argues that the privileged justified enforcing forest and game laws to preserve public order When sovereign and state forced factions from the battlefield, aristocrats turned to hunting as a symbolic outdoor substitute for war, and litigation as an equally fulfilling indoor one.
The commercial slaughtering of Alaska's game to feed hungry gold miners in the early 1900s led to the club pushing through Congress the Alaska Game Laws of 1902 and 1908.
Shooting organisations are calling for a change in the game laws which they claim are outdated and prevent them from marketing game meat throughout the year.
Adherence to Game Laws--All members of the PBS will adhere to all written game laws and regulations of the locality where the hunt is.
While I don't know the specifics of Montana's game laws, I'm assuming Mr.
Game laws are inviolate whenever and wherever we hunt.