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To clearly summarize these data, only those dates corresponding to MVF [greater than or equal to] 20% were chosen to represent the period of active gametogenesis (Table 2).
That's where artificial gametogenesis comes in - which sees doctors attempting to produce artificial sperm and eggs in a laboratory from a person's cells.
A study of microsporgenesis and male gametogenesis in Camellia grijsii Hamce.
En las hembras de 40-60 mm, de enero a abril, la gametogenesis va en aumento, con un pico de 75 % en abril, disminuyendo hasta septiembre donde la gametogenesis no se presento.
The sea urchin major yolk protein is synthesized mainly in the gut inner epithelium and the gonadal nutritive phagocytes before and during gametogenesis.
Histological examination of the female gonad Donax trunculus at both sites, allowed the identification of four stages of gametogenic development: (1) sexual rest, (2) recovery of genital activity, (3) gametogenesis (4) genital maturity.
This information is consistent with previous findings that the periods of gametogenesis of the same species may vary among geographical areas (Lannan et al.
Kholkute: Research efforts of stem cell biology group have recently led to the detection of embryonic-like stem cells in adult gonads and thus provided newer insight into gametogenesis.
During development, these DNA imprints are erased in the primordial germ cells (PGCs) and reestablished during gametogenesis (Ruddock et al.
She focuses on the anatomy and histology of reproductive systems, and well as cytology and molecular mechanisms that regulate gametogenesis.
The centrosome and its mode of inheritance: the reduction of the centrosome during gametogenesis and its restoration during fertilization.
The scientists correlated the expression patterns of lincRNAs in various cell types with the expression patterns of known critical protein-coding genes in those same cells, and found that lincRNAs likely play critical roles in helping to regulate a variety of different cellular processes, including cell proliferation, immune surveillance, maintenance of embryonic stem cell pluripotency, neuronal and muscle development, and gametogenesis.