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see gamblinggambling
or gaming,
betting of money or valuables on, and often participation in, games of chance (some involving degrees of skill). In England and in the United States, gambling was not a common-law crime if conducted privately.
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a. gambling on games of chance
b. (as modifier): gaming house


(1) Casino-style gambling. The original meaning of the term, gaming may also refer to gambling over the Internet.

(2) Playing electronic games. Games can be played by an individual with a specialized game machine such as an Xbox or PlayStation (a "console"), a Windows computer or a mobile device, the latter gaining immense popularity since the advent of smartphones and tablets. Although the Mac has not been a major gaming platform, game developers increasingly offer Mac versions of their products.

Many games are designed for multiple players, who interact and compete over the Internet. Traditional card games are also included; for example, four people, each in different locations around the world, can play bridge together.

Although only a small percentage of American adults identify themselves as true gamers, nearly half of them do play video games according to a 2015 poll from the Pew Research Center.

Odyssey Was the First
Considered to be the inventor of the first video game, Ralph Baer's idea in the early 1950s of adding games to the TV sets he was building at Loral was rejected. Fifteen years later, he designed several prototypes on his own. Magnavox licensed his technology and introduced it as the Odyssey game machine in 1972, which used plastic overlays on the TV screen for a dozen games including ping-pong. Later, Nolan Bushnell had a similar version created for arcades, and "Pong" quickly became the premier product of his company, which he had renamed Atari. See video game console, gamer, Atari, advergame and pwn.

World Video Game Hall of Fame
By the end of 2016, the following video games were inducted into the Hall of Fame:

Grand Theft Auto III
The Legend of Zelda
The Oregon Trail
The Sims
Sonic the Hedgehog
Space Invaders
Super Mario Bros.
World of Warcraft
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Realism has become an ever-present selling point in the gaming press and on game packaging--not merely realistically rendered detail but a deeper sort of reality: a world with more consistent rules, more room for autonomous behavior, and therefore more resemblance to the outside universe.
Sony officials say to expect much more game innovation in the near future, although they aren't talking much about exactly when PlayStation 2 will make the Internet innovation into online gaming.
Progressive Gaming International Corporation (NASDAQ: PGIC) ("Progressive") a leading provider of diversified products and services used in the gaming industry worldwide announced today that it signed strategic agreements that will expand the mobile gaming relationship between Progressive and Cantor Gaming, an affiliate of the global financial services company Cantor Fitzgerald ("Cantor").
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com), the leading source for unbiased gaming information.
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LAS VEGAS -- Native American gaming leaders can look forward to a keynote on the future of tribal gaming, conference sessions providing practical, real-world solutions, one-of-a-kind networking opportunities and more as part of the programming focused on tribal gaming issues at Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2006.
HyperScan[TM], the first video game system or toy to utilize advanced CD-ROM and RFID technology, offers game play and content that bridges the gap in gaming experiences for the tween boy who has graduated from traditional plug-and-play games and is looking for new challenges and an alternative to more mature and expensive high-end game consoles.
We are excited to be pioneering the delivery of casual gaming content for the U3 platform," said Greg Enell, vice president of business development, Big Fish Games.
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