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The Gang Saw consists of up to 13 horizontal circular saws that have to be precisely set to produce boards of equal thickness.
The sash gang saw was used to both straight saw and curve saw the two-sided cants.
After the dealer was arrested, the gang saw through Peter's guise and issued a contract for his death.
Suddenly the gang saw a little creature racing around ahead of the raker.
Tenders are invited for Fixing 40 50 Mm Thick Gang Saw Cut Old Red Sand Stone Dismantling Disposal Of Malba In Central Vista Area in connection with A R M O Central Vista New Delhi During 2016 17
Detectives believe the van was abandoned because the gang saw a police checkpoint.
He added: "The attack was motivated by vengeance, vengeance for the fact that the shopkeeper had caught a shoplifter and had the audacity, as the gang saw it, to hand the boy over to police.
In all cases, curve sawing is as an integrated system suited as a retrofit to existing gang saw lines or as part of a new line whenever a considerable share of the mill's timber is small-sized, somewhat crooked logs.
They chuckle when they tell the story about a chicken that got tangled up in the gang saw while they were working.
Tenders are invited for Providing and Placing 70mm thick Gang saw red sand stone over drain in Apsara Border underpass in connection with Annual repair and maintenance operation G T Road under PWD Sub Division M 2113 dg 2015 16
P] = thickness of the distance insert (the system of frictional group fastening of mini gang saw blades in frame sawing machine is described in details in Orlowski et al.
Police believe the gang saw him withdraw the cash from the bank.