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see solid wastesolid waste,
discarded materials other than fluids. In the United States in 1996, nearly 210 million tons—about 4.3 lb. (2 kg) per person daily (up from 2.7 lb./1.2 kg in 1960)—were collected and disposed of by municipalities.
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What does it mean when you dream about garbage?

Garbage in a dream often symbolizes discarding or expelling outworn ideas or eliminating stagnation in one’s life. It can also represent disposal of excesses that may have been overwhelming the dreamer. Smelling garbage may indicate rotting and decaying conditions.


(computer science)


Animal and vegetable waste from restaurants, hotels, markets, and like installations; contains up to 70% moisture and up to 5% incombustible solids. Also see refuse, rubbish, and trash.


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The unconscious mind may be hinting to you that the time for “throwing out” unnecessary things is at hand. Letting go of clutter frees the mind and makes more room in the closet! The garbage in your dream could also represent those things from your past or in your life today that are not worth keeping or are literally rubbish. It has been said that “cleanliness is next to godliness, ” and there is something to that. Removing “garbage” from the mind, spirit, and body is not only necessary, but it is also at times accomplished in our dreams.
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Here was a great hole, perhaps two city blocks square, and with long files of garbage wagons creeping into it.
First they took out the soil to make bricks, and then they filled it up again with garbage, which seemed to Jurgis and Ona a felicitous arrangement, characteristic of an enterprising country like America.
Went to Westminster School as a King's Scholar, when I was principally living on garbage, and sleeping in market baskets.
Workers have been paid dues but garbage still piles up across Capital
Manila: A group organised to protect the rights of informal settlers in Metro Manila criticised a government agency which announced its plan to train garbage collectors for employment, adding the training is meant to cut down earnings made by slum dwellers engaged in recovery and sale of recycled and biodegradable trash.
ISLAMABAD -- Nauseating smell arising from garbage heap at Korang nullah along the expressway is a constant irritant for motorists using this busiest road on daily basis.
ISLAMABAD -- Nearly 700 metric tons of garbage collected from the different areas of Federal Capital daily, is disposed of at a temporary dumping site in I-12 Sector along IJP Road, exposing the residents of adjoining areas to various diseases.
KARACHI -- Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui on Wednesday underlined the need for garbage recycling in a proper manner so that it could create employment opportunities.
HEBRON, February 19, 2015 (WAFA) -- Israeli forces Monday seized two garbage collection trucks belonging to Yatta town to the south of Hebron, said a municipal source.
The dispute centres on Greenstar removing Panda owned garbage bins from the homes of customers it wins.
The Jeddah Municipality has taken steps to replace the old garbage dumpsters with green containers in a bid to clean up the city and provide a more eco-friendly environment.