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There's also the opportunity to sample the dubious comforts of medieval garderobes.
From dingy dungeon to terrible torture chamber, murder holes to garderobes, Warwick has all the authentic ingredients of a medieval castle steeped in adventure.
As his period ends, key developments are visible or in process: the decline of the hall is well established, as is the multiplication of private living rooms; garderobes are on the way out as close stools and back stairs for the business of servants emerge.
Building on scholarship by historians, archaeologists, and art historians to establish the framework of questions for each specialized area of study, Thurley casts his net wide and brings up a wealth of new material on topics ranging from the construction of garderobes to the fashion for grotesques.
Jewel Tower, London, which is well-supplied with garderobes, or toilets.
The castle was a threestorey residence with fireplaces and garderobes - medieval toilets - on each floor.