phytolacca americana

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Phytolacca americana

[‚fīd·ō‚lak·ə ə‚mer·ə′kän·ə]
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WARNING- POISONOUS RAW ! Poisonous raw, but powerful healer when used right. Poke contains a compound, known as poke activating factor (PAF), which is structurally similar to interferon. PAF also functions like interferon, but unlike pharmaceutical interferons, PAF is not tissue specific. Therefore PAF works on multiple tissues, including the liver. but note it can be dangerous at higher levels. WARNING- all parts of this plant are poisonous if eaten raw. Boil the young leaves and stems at least twice or three times, throwing away the water from each boiling. The dark shiny berries are also edible if cooked. Do not eat the roots, they are poisonous, or any of the plant if red or purple is anywhere on the plant. Also only eat young leaves, not old ones. Know what you are doing with this plant!
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He noted that the gargets are part of Abu Dhabi Police's keenness to promote security and safety of residents in addition to its social responsibility.
Ivan Whittaker was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Vivian Nicholson was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal and Bill Garget the Distinguished Service Order.
One form of garget is chronic and "catching," and if you get that into your herd, the only cure is to sell off the affected cows.
Family flowers only, donations, if wished, may be given for Alzheimer's Society, Hambleton and Richmondshire, Garget Walker House, 25a, Olav Road, Richmond, DL10 4PU.
Among the crews was Flight Lieutenant Francis Bill Garget, a wireless operator.
Flight Lieutenant Francis, Bill, Garget flew with 617 Squadron, immortalised in the film The Dambusters.
He urged parents and guardians to make sure that the young people know how to operate the gargets for their own betterment.
One assumption is that the mobile gargets and the access points are already in place; secondly, the issues of authentication, authorization, and accounting services are outofscope of this research.
Costco and Sam's Club both have a trade-in program for old gargets and in-store recycling services.
On other issues, the deputy director advised the public to be alert and ensure the gargets they buy outside the country were type approved.