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A low, open scrubland restricted to limestone sites in the Mediterranean area; characterized by small evergreen shrubs and low trees.
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a form of vegetation in the Mediterranean region in which low evergreen bushes or dwarf palms (palmetto) predominate. Most of the vegetation is lower than in the maquis, and usually garigue and maquis are not found in the same place. Garigue can be natural, or it can arise as a result of overuse of pasture. The main plants in the garigue are semishrubs, bulbs, and other perennial grasses. The broadest expanses are covered by two formations. The first is the kermes oak (Quercus coccifera), which reaches a height of 0.5 m; it covers extensive regions in southern France and the Pyrenees, the Apennines, and the Balkan Peninsula. The second formation is the palmetto garigue, which is dominated by the native European palm Chamaerops humilis, whose trunk forms a hummock only a few centimeters in height (rarely reaching 2 m). Asphodels, myrtles, pistachios, spurges, and asparagus grow among the palmettos. The palmetto garigue is found in southern Spain, the Balearic Islands, Algeria, and Morocco; to the east it reaches as far as western Sicily. If the garigue is subjected to intensive exploitation as pasture, it can acquire features similar to those of the frigana.

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Significant portions of these slopes support growth of shrubs associated with Mediterranean garigue. Consequently, and probably because of competition, C.
The hilltop of Azoria, now crowded with dense garigue and maquis vegetation (thyme, sage, burnet, broom, carob, wild olive), has not been used for agriculture for at least a generation, although the regular series of agricultural terrace walls encircling the site testify to previous use of the area for extensive barley cultivation (Figs.
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Lemieux retrace l'action de plusieurs dont Philippe Garigue grandement implique dans le mouvement qui commence.
de souligner l'importance des intellectuels canadiens-francais dans la recherche de nouvelles valeurs culturelles," wrote Philippe Garigue in 1962.
Many Mediterranean or Garigue plants also have silver foliage that has resulted as a genetic adaptation to a hot, dry climate with limited rainfall.
No other biome on Earth or any other type of vegetation (except perhaps Mediter-ranean matorral and garigue) has such an abundance of subshrubs.
Philippe Garigue, who has had a long and distinguished career as a social scientist, is most deserving of recognition for his poetry as well.
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