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Erroll. 1921--77, US jazz pianist and composer


A building or section of a building in which grain is stored.
A bin for weighing grain.


A storehouse for grain, usually after it has been threshed, or for the storage of corn after it has been husked.
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Garner is underscoring the us- them dualism she has set up early on.
Garner tends to those around her so diligently, she offers an interesting contrast to the only other female character in the story, Prudie Mitchell.
Garner acts as Nick's surrogate mother, since he is apparently motherless in the story.
Garner only a model of parental kindness, a sympathetic nurturer?
Why did Margaret Garner murder Mary, her own three-year-old daughter?
Producer Geri Allen remarks, "Erroll Garner personifies the joy of fearless virtuosity and exploration.
com, and thanks to the diligent collecting and preservation of Erroll Garner's recordings, memorabilia, photographs and other materials by Erroll's longtime manager Martha Glaser, the establishment of the first complete Erroll Garner archive at the University of Pittsburgh in Erroll's hometown.
Dietrick School of Arts and Sciences writes, "The Erroll Garner archive is an amazing legacy of a renowned jazz icon, a brilliant piano virtuoso, and one of the most original and individualistic pianists in the jazz narrative.
Contrary to these reports, Affleck and Garner recently celebrated their ninth anniversary.
Garner had reportedly left her kids with the nanny to spend some alone time with the Affleck.
with a nanny," a second source told the magazine hinting that Garner wanted to spend a one-on-one time with Affleck.