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a gasoline extender made from a mixture of gasolinegasoline
or petrol,
light, volatile mixture of hydrocarbons for use in the internal-combustion engine and as an organic solvent, obtained primarily by fractional distillation and "cracking" of petroleum, but also obtained from natural gas, by destructive distillation
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 (90%) and ethanolethanol
or ethyl alcohol,
CH3CH2OH, a colorless liquid with characteristic odor and taste; commonly called grain alcohol or simply alcohol. Properties

Ethanol is a monohydric primary alcohol. It melts at −117.
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 (10%; often obtained by fermenting agricultural crops or crop wastes) or gasoline (97%) and methanolmethanol,
 methyl alcohol,
or wood alcohol,
CH3OH, a colorless, flammable liquid that is miscible with water in all proportions. Methanol is a monohydric alcohol. It melts at −97.8°C; and boils at 67°C;.
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, or wood alcohol (3%). Gasohol has higher octane, or antiknock, properties than gasoline and burns more slowly, coolly, and completely, resulting in reduced emissions of some pollutants, but it also vaporizes more readily, potentially aggravating ozone pollution in warm weather. Ethanol-based gasohol in which the ethanol is made from corn is expensive and energy intensive to produce, and can damage rubber seals and diaphragms and certain finishes if the ethanol is present in higher concentrations. Since 1998, however, many American automobiles have been equipped to enable them to run on E85, a mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Methanol-based gasohol is also expensive to produce and is toxic and corrosive, and its emissions produce cancer-causing formaldehyde. See also automobileautomobile,
self-propelled vehicle used for travel on land. The term is commonly applied to a four-wheeled vehicle designed to carry two to six passengers and a limited amount of cargo, as contrasted with a truck, which is designed primarily for the transportation of goods and
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A liquid fuel made from a blend of gasoline and ethanol.
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From the gasohol resistance properties of chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber and natural zeolite, it is interested to compare the effect of them on the gasohol resistance properties.
First it was referred to as gasohol, or super-unleaded, or 10 percent ethanol," Buchholz says.
5 cents of the tax received on each gallon of gasohol sold is transferred to the General Fund.
Support for HR 2808, which would shift the taxes currently collected on ethanol based alternative fuels, gasohol, from the General Fund of the U.
The conversion of corn into ethanol to produce gasohol (a gasoline-ethanol mixture) is touted by some scientists as an economical and environmentally cleaner alternative to fossil fuels.
Gasohol, for example, is a mixture of gasoline and alcohol made from living plants.
Ethanol, a form of alcohol, is a liquid fuel that can be used by itself or blended with gasoline to create gasohol.
This formed a cleaner-burning concoction known as gasohol (SN: 10/29/77, p.
In Anchorage, gasohol use is actually required (during certain winter months) and is sold around the city.
In addition, Fumento thoroughly debunks asbestos scaremongers, anti-food irradiation activism, and the sleazy political deals that have led to requiring that gasohol be used in some cities during the winter months.
The investors alleged the accountants overvalued the co-op's chief asset--a gasohol plant--to keep the co-op as a client and protect its manager.
Also meeting California Rule 1162 is new Dion 9150, a modified bisphenol epoxy vinyl ester designed for products in contact with highly corrosive gasohol fuels.