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The City is conquered!" gasped the Royal Army, who was all out of breath.
"For the land's sake!" gasped Marilla, hastening from the room.
It was on the very night which succeeded the events which have just been narrated, when suddenly into Monica William's head, as she tossed upon her sleepless bed, there shot a thought which made her sit up with a thrill and a gasp.
"Why -- why -- yes, I like him, of course," gasped Anne, wondering if she were telling the literal truth.
Anne gasped over this unexpected question, and floundered helplessly in her thoughts.
"I--I had to go to--to the store," she gasped, almost in a whisper, "I had to go--"
"Miss Henderson's house," she gasped. He did not understand at first.
"My word!" he said, between his gasps, "that was touch and go.
"Most remarkable, most remarkable!" gasped the professor.
It appeared as if he had scarcely had a moment's time to touch the rope or look over the stern, when he came scrambling back, as pale as the morning, and gasped out:
He pointed behind him at the boat, and gasped to that degree that he dropped upon the stones to get his breath.
Colin heard her, however, and he gasped out between two sobs: