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Neonatologist Dr Michael Munro, 41, said he injected the infants who were gasping for breath after seeing the torment of their distraught parents.
The nightmarish truth and its fanciful spin, as examined here, will leave you, literally, gasping for breath.
They haven't quite thought ahead to the time when so much oxygen is sucked in that people are gasping for air and collapsing on the street.
At least when the morning e-newspaper reports that the last forest has been cut down, we'll all have our very own hard copy to show everybody while we're gasping for breath.
Strained, he was looking up to see a surreal collection of chuckling faces as he lay gasping for breath--and in that instant I felt like I'd become one of the terrorizing bullies I dreaded so much in school.
When identical sisters Monica and Gabriela Irimia, 21 performed, viewers were left gasping for more