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She gasps slightly in making sure of the H in Higgins, but is quite successful].
Here he could contain himself no longer and went on, between gasps of laughter: "And the whole world knew.
This is more than I can stand,' gasps my mother, and just as she is getting the better of a fit of laughter,
It seemed to relieve her, for what one may call the wild maternal look left her face, and trying to check little gasps of breath, the result of unseemly running, she signed to her confederates to remain in the background, and turned curious eyes on me.
The girl didn't struggle any more when she learned my purpose; but she gave two or three little gasps, and then began to cry softly, burying her face on my arm, and thus she fell asleep.
One hand was at her throat, and her breath came in little gasps.
The perspiration stood out on his forehead in great beads, he breathed for a moment in little gasps as though stifled.
Her breathing was audible, rising and falling in deep heavy gasps.
James had not spoken since the apparition had passed over them, and now it was scarce speech which he uttered--rather a series of articulate gasps.
It had not escaped him that his opponent was breathing in short, hoarse gasps, like a man who is dizzy with fatigue.
Then she, rent with bitter pangs, lay drawing great gasps for breath and rolling about that place.
Both Taylor and Snider gave little gasps of astonishment and dismay.