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A method in surveying by which the horizontal position of an occupied point is determined by drawing lines from the point to two or more points of known position.
A method of determining a plane-table position by orienting along a previously drawn foresight line and drawing one or more rays through the foresight from previously located stations.
The surgical removal of a section or segment of an organ or other structure.
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an operation that involves the partial excision of a diseased organ. Amputation is the removal of the peripheral part of an organ, while extirpation is the complete removal of an organ. In surgical practice gastric resections are most frequently performed; pyloric stenoses and stomach cancers or gastric ulcers that are complicated by hemorrhaging often require gastric resections. Resections of the small or large intestine are performed in cases of traumatic ruptures, obstructions, or tumors. An anastomosis is created between the stump of the stomach and the duodenum or jejunum or between the remaining sections of the intestine after gastric or intestinal resections. Resections are also performed on the thyroid gland, lungs, and joints.

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The particularity of the case is based on the presentation 30 years after a gastric resection for peptic ulcer of a tumor initially diagnosed as adenocarcinoma.
Indications for gastric resections include a tumour size greater than 5 cm, widely implanted tumours, tumours involving gastric orifices, and tumours with complications such as bleeding or perforation.
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Segmental small bowel or gastric resection isstandard treatment for perforated local GIST.
3) is performed on the rear wall of the stomach along its greater curvature, 2 cm above the gastric resection line.
The Billroth I procedure for gastroduodenostomy is the most physiologic type of gastric resection, since it restores normal continuity [11, 12].
In naive patient with gastric carcinoma, only 50% undergo gastric resection because of advanced disease and 60% will have either local or distant relapse.
Recently, new data focusing on the extent of gastric resection and on the role of additional treatments has become available and gives new hope for an improved outcome for patients with gastric cancer.
Meanwhile, in Vienna, at the great Surgical University Clinic, Professor Theodor Billroth was keeping his assistants hard at work in the laboratory studying different techniques of gastric resection in dogs.
pylori infection, gastrotoxic medication) should be questioned in patients with gastric resection to identify predisposing factors that can be different from those in the normal stomach [15].
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