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Prolapse or downward displacement of the stomach.



downward displacement of the stomach.

Gastroptosis may be constitutional (in persons with an as-thenic constitution) or acquired (sharp decrease in weight, sedentary way of life, repeated pregnancies, or the result of muscles of the abdominal wall being insufficiently exercised). Most frequently there are no symptoms, but sometimes gastroptosis causes a sense of heaviness in the epigastrium, belching, and abdominal distention. Gastric digestion and evacuation of the bowels remain substantially undisturbed. Treatment and prevention consist of physical exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and increase the general tonus of the body and, in cases of emaciation, a high-calorie diet and water treatment. Staying at a sanatorium or a health spa is also part of the treatment. During pregnancy and after childbirth the necessary hygienic requirements must be observed.

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