gate contact

car door contact, gate contact

An electric device which prevents movement of an elevator car unless its door (or gate) is in the closed position.
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To learn more about purchasing a vertical pivot gate contact Ontario Parking Systems with questions and inquiries.
Innovations such as the Emirate Vehicle Gate contact centre are only made possible through a robust and customer-focused infrastructure, which we are confident that Avaya will deliver to SED.
The drain and source contacts can also be positioned on the same side or in opposite sides as the gate contact to the poly-Si film.
Sophie Gibson, who has worked at the Cardiff centre for four months, said: "I think 70 jobs have been made available at our Cardiff Gate contact centre and in telesales, but the rest of us are looking at redundancy.
For more information on Kingfisher Gate contact Loveitts on 024 7625 8421.
We have manufactured a gate contact system for use with electric fences.
We are proud that when our customers phone our Cardiff Gate contact centre they hear a Welsh voice and can also choose to speak to someone in Welsh.
Generally, carrier transfer occurs at the drain side of the gate contact.
In MESFETs, the Schottky barrier gate contact is used to modulate the channel conductivity.