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(1) (Gatekeeper) An application validation check in iOS and Mac OS X (as of Version 10.8). See Mountain Lion.

(2) In an H.323 IP telephony or video environment, a gatekeeper is a device that manages domains and provides call control. It is used to translate user names into IP addresses, to authenticate users and to manage network resources. Gatekeepers also provide call authorization and accounting information. See H.323 and MCU.

(3) An organization that exercises a great amount of control over how its products are sold and used. See proprietary and walled garden.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Aterm used for a medium’s personal spirit guide, who oversees the coming and going of spirits trying to make contact at a séance. Used interchangeably with “Door Keeper,” this guide organizes the spirits who want to make contact with the sitter(s). He or she will ensure that the spirits are there and will help them, if necessary, to make the contact. The Gatekeeper will also keep away unwanted spirits who may want to contact this physical world but are not directly connected to the sitter. Estelle Roberts’s Gatekeeper and personal guide was “Red Cloud.” Ena Twigg’s was “Philip.” Arthur Ford had “Fletcher,” William Rainen had “Dr. Peebles,” and Ivy Northage had “Chan.” Many times these Gatekeepers and spirit guides are in the form of Native Americans.


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What does it mean when you dream about a gatekeeper?

The gatekeeper allows passage from one form or condition to another. If the dreamer is the gatekeeper, the dream may mean the dreamer should be careful about what he or she allows to pass through or hold on to in his or her life.

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to instead examine specific plan characteristics including gatekeeper requirements, choice of providers/existence of provider network, out-of-network coverage, cost-sharing, and benefit coverage (other plan characteristics were examined in studies on mammography screening [Tye, Phillips, and Liang 2003] and prostate cancer screening [Liang et al.
Many new directors see Cannes as the dream platform," says one gatekeeper, "but if their movie isn't right for the Croisette, or ends up in the wrong section, then Cannes can sometimes kill a film.
Gatekeeper policies that potentially reduce use of specialist services may be reducing specialist income, particularly when those physicians are paid on a fee-for-service basis.
Senator Ian Campbell, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, said, "Baltimore Certificates Australia Full Gatekeeper accreditation is a key milestone in the Commonwealth's Government Online strategy to deliver all appropriate Government services online by 2001.
Carole Boston Weatherford and Yvonne Buchanan are gatekeepers.
There are potential Gatekeepers in every community, says Raschko.
The most salient issues related to people with disabilities in the marriage of managed care and Medicaid are the role of gatekeepers, access to specialty services, inadequate benefits, and financial incentives to not serve or to under-serve individuals.
As a result, all DoD branches can deploy GateKeeper to protect their networks against the rising insider threat risk.
Additionally, the Gatekeeper leverages wireless technology to enhance its overall functionality.
Verizon Australia s Gatekeeper accreditation was awarded by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) and enables the company to issue digital certificates to individuals, businesses and Australian government agencies in connection with online government services.
Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Malir Rao Anwar said the gatekeeper had allegedly attempted to assault the child yesterday, after which she went home and told her parents.
REC chairs frequently field questions from researchers wanting to know when and why gatekeeper permission should be sought.