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any situations, those 'S trips’ of time and space, in which SOCIAL ACTORS come together in face-to-face interaction (GOFFMAN, 1963). In moving into, or initiating, such contexts of copresence, social actors make themselves ‘available’, a process which involves the mutual monitoring of one another's actions. Gatherings may be either fleeting, including the polite discourse of routine greetings, or longer-lasting, in which the paraphernalia in which they are located may be planned and regularized, e.g. the fixed timing and formal arrangement of tables and chairs in a seminar. But all gatherings, however trivial they may seem, are implicated in larger social structures and, in turn, have implications for these social structures.
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What does it mean when you dream about gatherings?

The nature of a particular gathering suggests the meaning of this symbol (e.g., a happy and sociable assembly or a sad or angry crowd). Groups also suggest the collective opinion of others.

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All we were playing in a lovely meadow, Leucippe (9) and Phaeno and Electra and Ianthe, Melita also and Iache with Rhodea and Callirhoe and Melobosis and Tyche and Ocyrhoe, fair as a flower, Chryseis, Ianeira, Acaste and Admete and Rhodope and Pluto and charming Calypso; Styx too was there and Urania and lovely Galaxaura with Pallas who rouses battles and Artemis delighting in arrows: we were playing and gathering sweet flowers in our hands, soft crocuses mingled with irises and hyacinths, and rose-blooms and lilies, marvellous to see, and the narcissus which the wide earth caused to grow yellow as a crocus.
483-489) But when the bright goddess had taught them all, they went to Olympus to the gathering of the other gods.
"Gathering firewood and cooking dinner," I answered lightly.
A quarter of a mile inland we came upon the holluschickie--sleek young bulls, living out the loneliness of their bachelorhood and gathering strength against the day when they would fight their way into the ranks of the Benedicts.
His masters called out not to lay on so hard and to leave him alone, but the muleteers blood was up, and he did not care to drop the game until he had vented the rest of his wrath, and gathering up the remaining fragments of the lance he finished with a discharge upon the unhappy victim, who all through the storm of sticks that rained on him never ceased threatening heaven, and earth, and the brigands, for such they seemed to him.
Close on its apparition, and blindingly violet by contrast, danced out the first lightning of the gathering storm, and the thunder burst like a rocket overhead.
She was gathering the buds called "lords and ladies" from the bank while he spoke.
I saw all his forces gathering in his face, and I had nothing to oppose to them; it was an unarmed man against a regiment.
I had been vaguely conscious that we were not quite alone, but had not dared to look away from David; I looked now, and found to my annoyance that I was the centre of a deeply interested gathering of children.
The Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (Adhoc) has asked the Interior Ministry to investigate allegations that local authorities are violating ministry guidelines that allow communities and organisations to hold gatherings.
ISLAMABAD -- The opposition parties' 'Rehbar Committee' on Monday decided to hold public gatherings in all four provincial capitals of the country on July 25.
One of the ways this spirit can be shown is through organising Iftar for large gatherings. Pakistan Art Society -- Qatar (PASQ) is a community welfare group of Pakistani expatriates.