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She had caught sight of her new Sunday gown-- a cheap curtain-calico thing, a conflagration of gaudy colors and fantastic figures.
A little green worm came crawling over a dewy leaf, lifting two-thirds of his body into the air from time to time and "sniffing around," then proceeding again -- for he was measuring, Tom said; and when the worm approached him, of its own accord, he sat as still as a stone, with his hopes rising and falling, by turns, as the creature still came toward him or seemed inclined to go elsewhere; and when at last it considered a painful moment with its curved body in the air and then came decisively down upon Tom's leg and began a journey over him, his whole heart was glad -- for that meant that he was going to have a new suit of clothes -- without the shadow of a doubt a gaudy piratical uniform.
He was a fine, haughty-looking savage, fancifully decorated, and mounted on a high-mettled steed, with gaudy trappings and equipments.
She was habited in a gaudy tissue of scarlet cloth, trimmed with yellow silk, which, descending a little below the knees, exposed to view her bare legs, embellished with spiral tattooing, and somewhat resembling two miniature Trajan's columns.
The light proceeding from one of these gaudy abominations is unequal broken, and painful.
And thus were produced a multitude of gaudy and fantastic appearances.
Greed isn't just good, it's a cornerstone of this gaudy, hallucinogenic American dream.
Gaudy Welsh china will again be on display having proved to be quite a draw for some visitors from the South Wales Valleys who had previously read about it in an earlier advertisement.
A MURDER suspect who escaped from a prison van was wearing a gaudy yellow and blue suit like this one.
sidewalk--the shoppers, the old men, the gaudy girls--
I was studying this fine edifice but have regrets that its faade is dirty and is spoiled by gaudy advertisements.
Well, he's succeeded in turning that jewel into a gaudy piece of costume jewellery, the sort that you find on a dodgy market stall.