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Such design allows to connect up to four vacuum gauges on one cover, thus a distance from pumping orifice and gas inlet port is equal, which provides reliable vacuum gauge pressure measurements.
One commonly overlooked engineering criterion when using atmospheric TES tanks is maintaining positive gauge pressure (a pressure above atmospheric pressure) within the entire chilled water system while maintaining the top of the vented tank at atmospheric pressure.
The Multirange Transmitter line provides a span turndown capability of 400:1 for both differential pressure (DP) and gauge pressure (GP) applications.
Because of the principles of hydraulics, this is sufficient to gauge pressure correctly.
Tensile slabs were cured at 141[degrees]C under 150 kg/cm gauge pressure in laboratory curing press.
Specifically, multi-channel versions of HOBO U12 data loggers can now measure and record kilowatts, air velocity, gauge pressure, differential pressure, DC current and other energy and environmental parameters.
Tenders invited for Supply of Gauge pressure transmitter
2 new transmitters that have been introduced to complement the SST3000 family--the SST3010 GP gauge pressure transmitter and the SST3010 T temperature transmitter.