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As the author of A Discovery of the True Standard Gallon of England protested, "It is the just complaint of the Brewers that the gaugers .
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This, Gauger explained, eliminates any chance of hydrocarbon slip or potentially dangerous buildup of fuel on the DPF surface.
The humorous tone was selected, Gauger says, because "we wanted to take a positive approach, more advocacy than adversarial.
Robert Vaughn isn't Robert Vaughn; he's Gary Gauger, sentenced to death in 1994 for killing his parents, exonerated in 1996.
Frente a la tarea de la traduccion, Gauger confidencio: "Ha sido una odisea.
It's helping businesses across Sydney and across Australia," Paul Gauger of the Australian Tourist Commission told The Australian Financial Review.
Bill Gauger, president of the EnCap Golf Holdings in New Jersey, said until recently, the government made no distinction between a lightly polluted site and one which required massive cleanup.
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As the world becomes more Internet-based, computerized and impersonal, the community becomes more important to people," says newspaper broker Dave Gauger.
Perry Cobb Alejandro Hernandez Darby Tillis Ronald Jones Rolando Cruz Joseph Burrows Verneal Jimerson Gary Gauger Dennis Williams Anthony Porter