gaultheria procumbens

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Shiny, waxy oval pointed leaves, white hanging bell-shaped flowers, red berries. Leaves sometimes a bit brown or red. Gives the body strength. Doesn't die in winter, stays green year round (hence the name). Eat the leaves, make tea from them. Kind of a dull mint flavor. Tea used for colds, fever, headache, kidney, stomach, rheumatism, anti-inflammatory painkiller. Berries also edible. Do not make or take wintergreen essential oil, which is very toxic. It absorbs through skin and harms kidneys and liver.
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Gaultheria procumbens, Viburnum cassinoides and others) are widely distributed on former pastures, plowed sites, and historical woodlots in more mesic sites (D.
Some of my favourites are: winter-flowering pompom daisies (Bellis), ornamental cabbages, Gaultheria procumbens with its bright red berries, miniature conifers, Euonymus fortunei Silver Queen or Emerald Gaiety, variegated hebe, Helleborus niger (the Christmas rose and its many pretty varieties), winter-flowering heathers and universal pansies.
With a dwarf, rounded habit, gaultheria procumbens - Partridge Berry as it is commonly known - makes the perfect container specimen.