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GNU awk. Gawk is a superset of standard awk and includes some Plan 9 features.

David Trueman and Arnold Robbins of Georgia Institute of Technology were developing it in 1993. It has been ported to Unix, MS-DOS, Macintosh, and Archimedes.

Latest version: 2.15.3, as of 1993-11-08.

Available by FTP from your nearest GNU archive site.

Mac version.
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A version of the awk pattern matching language from the GNU foundation. See awk and GNU.
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Print journalists queued up to speak with Johnson as he sat before a large square fountain as others gawked from the elevated cocktail patio across the room.
Anthropology became a popular event, with the 'savages' and 'cannibals' on display, photographed and generally gawked at, for entertainment purposes.
And in Fashion Shop, 1991, an array of crumpled clothes hangs against a sloppily handpainted backdrop of theatrical curtains--a child's fantasy of an uptown boutique as gawked at, palms pressed to the glass.
TOURISTS gawked,VIPs arrived and the wedding party rehearsed yesterday as Spain prepared for this weekend's nuptials between Crown Prince Felipe and former TV anchor woman Letizia Ortiz.
Gawked at, taunted, and abused by hundreds of thousands of "civilized" Englishmen and women, in 1814 she was taken to France for further exhibition.