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(tool, language)
GNU awk. Gawk is a superset of standard awk and includes some Plan 9 features.

David Trueman and Arnold Robbins of Georgia Institute of Technology were developing it in 1993. It has been ported to Unix, MS-DOS, Macintosh, and Archimedes.

Latest version: 2.15.3, as of 1993-11-08.

Available by FTP from your nearest GNU archive site.

Mac version.


A version of the awk pattern matching language from the GNU foundation. See awk and GNU.
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She had lost her gawkish schoolgirl looks and was beginning to look remarkably like another Princess - Princess Diana.
3) Charles Brooks describes Gooper's children as follows: "Everyone is supposed to adjust his life to these monstrous children: no matter how they slobber and drool over the tablecloth and the guests' clothing, the children must eat at the family table; everyone must applaud their gawkish, unwanted, and extended singing performance; the sister-in-law must calmly accept their precocious and vulgar insults; all belongings must be toys for the children, and no one should have possessions which might be dangerous for those grasping young ones.
To many people's surprise the grey man of politics, who was rubbished for his dull speech patterns and gawkish manner, has revealed himself to be one of the most colourful, almost exotic, Prime Ministers.