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The first chapter summarizes governmental initiatives, starting with operations undertaken by Imperial order, and includes gazetteers dealing with the entire Empire, for example, the comprehensive gazetteers of the Yuan and Ming dynasties, Huang Yuan da yitongzhi [phrase omitted] (1279) and Da Ming yitongzhi [phrase omitted] (1461), as well as the guidelines for the compilation of local gazetteers promulgated in the years 1412 and 1418.
Aligned Assets are an industry leader in AddressBase, gazetteer and address management solutions.
As gazetteers predominantly contain proper nouns, we needed to extend the morphological lexicon with the inflectional forms of proper names.
Relying too heavily on local gazetteers often leads to this drawback.
Equally surprising is how late the chili pepper appears in Sichuan's gazetteers, given the role it was to soon play in Sichuan's cuisine.
With Birmingham on board, all councils with a statutory responsibility for street naming and numbering are now submitting updates to the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) central hub.
In the case of Still Life with Universal Gazetteer, 1878, by William Michael Harnett (1848-1892), none of the objects was ever living.
It contains a first attempt to compare data on the six provinces gathered from the Nguyen gazetteers with French material from 1868.
Originally, the service was purely for the industry and is subscription-only but holidaymakers can now ask travel agents for the Gazetteers description of the hotel or resort where they are thinking of going.
The definition and scope of digital gazetteers are also addressed.
The OAG gazetteers provide information about what the hotels and destinations in glossy holiday brochures are really like.
Virgin has joined up with the industry's bible, the OAG Gazetteers, which for years have been hidden under travel agents' counters, to spill the beans on Britain's favourite foreign holiday spots.