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The Gear Pump Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, today announced the launch of the SG102 Dump Pump.
com)-- Pricol Technologies Experts performed CFD analysis of an external gear pump used in automotive industry.
This makes process of mesh creation and flow solution through complicated geometries of a gear pump efficient and streamlined.
Roll-Ex fine mesh straining systems and Roll-Ex gear pump technology is available from the company, including systems for fine mesh straining of rubber compounds in large mixing lines.
Typically the gear pump RPM is locked to set a constant volumetric rate to the die.
In short, the new Envirogear pump increases reliability while eliminating the unacceptably high ownership, maintenance and environmental costs that have dogged previous sealless gear pump designs.
The MTs achieves 40--60% greater energy efficiency than a conventional hydraulic machine by coupling a permanent-magnet AC servo motor with a fixed gear pump.
The EnviroGear is a durable, environmentally friendly positive displacement gear pump developed to compete where other seal-less (mag-drive) internal gear pumps cannot.
A special gearing with a low squeeze factor is one design feature that Maag claims make the thermorex transfer, booster or metering gear pump so ideal for polymer processes.
The Hydraulic Systems Division of Haldex has announced the introduction of the new F15 Ferra Series hydraulic gear pump for applications in the construction, agricultural and internal combustion (IC) lift truck markets.
Power-control system with gear pump and main relief valve
This costs about $4 per color change, as opposed to $8 per person, and sometimes several persons, to clean a gear pump, Henson said.