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Many animals carry salmonella bacteria in their gut, including frogs, snakes and geckos.
She said: "The gecko must have hitched a lift while the woman was packing her suitcase in Sri Lanka.
Caption: The Gecko Gripper uses the same method of hanging onto smooth, flat surfaces as geckos use to climb walls and ceilings.
She managed to put the gecko in a sandwich box - with holes in for air - and called the RSPCA.
RSPCA inspector Jenny Bethel said: "We can only assume that this little gecko has been living in her house for two months after hiding in her luggage.
This carrier has spent an oversized number of marketing dollars creating brand recognition for its gecko. Passersby would line up to have their pictures taken with this familiar, friendly lizard, and then post the photos to Instagram.
This alliance supplements NCC's robust portfolio of services even further, to cater to Abu Dhabi's marketplace dynamics and challenges, by joining forces with world-class service providers such as Grako and Gecko, especially in light of tighter health, safety and environmental regulations and the growing demand for specialised facilities management and industrial services, it added.
Also speaking on the tie-up, Abdullah Mazrui, NCC chairman, said: "Both Grako and Gecko have deep knowledge and expertise in their respective fields, which should prove to be extremely valuable for our current and future customers.
Obviously not a marine mammal and therefore not a patient at the specialized hospital, the little green gecko just happened to be sitting on the phone while looking for its next bug meal.
'We have just published a new manuscript in which we describe a new species of gecko endemic to the Eastern Hajar Mountains.
The study is the first to provide evidence of new neuron formation--and the presence of stem cells --in the leopard gecko brain.
Gecko Biomedical is a medical device company that is developing an exclusive platform of polymers enabling tissue reconstruction.