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gemel, chymol, gimmer, gymmer, jimmer

Two corresponding elements of construction considered as a pair.
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The new Gemel Purse Spray is Quadpack's latest addition to its Q-Line family of products.
Gemel features a 15ml molded glass bottle with a PP cap, making it big enough to last a while, yet small enough to fit in a purse.
Gemel's distinctive shape gives it great potential in terms of personalization.
Numerous other ways to classify services include the degree of: intangibility, customer contact; simultaneity; heterogeneity; perishability; demand fluctuation; service customization; labour intensity; service direction towards people or equipment (Van Looy, Gemel & Dierdonck, 2003) Thus making general statements about services remains difficult.
Van Looy B, Gemel P, & Van Dierdonck R, 2003 Services Management, (2nd ed.), Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, NJ.
Gemel specializes in making blister-package tooling for thermoform packaging machines.
Using their knowledge of tooling for blister packages, Gemel designed a specialty machine in 1994 that takes the drugs out of the packages.
Gemel began as a tool and die shop in 1971, but started doing work for the maker of Tylenol in the early eighties.
The tools are either modeled from the actual package or, since Gemel made the tools that created the package in the first place, they just reverse the toolmaking process.
To create the tooling, Gemel has eight Haas machining centers housed in their 25,000 sq.-ft.
Earlier, Gemel Smith's shot rang the crossbar, although it may have grazed Pavelec's glove.

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