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Two corresponding elements of construction considered as a pair.
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Numerous other ways to classify services include the degree of: intangibility, customer contact; simultaneity; heterogeneity; perishability; demand fluctuation; service customization; labour intensity; service direction towards people or equipment (Van Looy, Gemel & Dierdonck, 2003) Thus making general statements about services remains difficult.
Van Looy B, Gemel P, & Van Dierdonck R, 2003 Services Management, (2nd ed.
To you these little bubbles may simply hold relief from your cold symptoms, but for Gemel Precision Tool Company, Inc.
Bestidea - obra - Scorpion - Directed - Sipe - Gemel - Gemini - Getronic - Laserline - Meta System - Pekatronic - Spal - Toad - Sonar - Beeper - Tracker - Vega - Car Guard - MagicCar - Dolphin
Earlier, Gemel Smith's shot rang the crossbar, although it may have grazed Pavelec's glove.
and Egean Financiera Corporation; and an Israeli institutional investor - Meitav Gemel Ltd.
Accordingly, the company has also implemented a school project in Haikota sub-zone, while the construction of office accommodations for EriTel and Gemel Transport Company is underway.

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