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see oryxoryx
, name for several small, horselike antelopes, genus Oryx, found in deserts and arid scrublands of Africa and Arabia. They feed on grasses and scrub and can go without water for long periods. Oryxes are light in color with dark patches on the face and legs.
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Fresh fecal samples were collected from gemsbok when observed in the same areas and within the same time period as pronghorn using the same collection protocol.
I slowly reached down and flicked it away, and when I looked up, there was a gemsbok bull standing 45 yards away in the brush staring straight at me!
Two gemsbok glanced warily in our direction, as shy as Highland deer on a Scottish moor.
To create a realistic ecosystem, five cheetahs, as well as families of striped hyenas were introduced and they remain some of the biggest draws, as do the giraffes and flamingo, ostriches, gemsbok and more.
Fickle soul that he was, after only a year he transferred the name to the cape gemsbok, a beautiful fawn-coated buck with long, spear-like horns, a compact, muscular body and very striking triangular black and white markings on its head.
Includes five species: gemsbok, blue wildebeest, common springbok, blesbok and warthog.
[Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, 25[degrees]41'S:20[degrees]20'E], i.v.1970, Lamoral.
Burrow systems of Desmodilus auricularis in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park.
In one sequence from the series, Salmoni pulls this stunt with a lioness called Cleo, resting with the pride's cubs and a gemsbok kill.
I have a lot of animals mounted in my trophy room taken with this handgun, including Mule deer, turkey, whitetail, waterbuck, gemsbok, impala, zebra, mouflon, Catalina goat, Aoudad and exotic sheep such as Corsican, Black Hawaiian and Texas Dall.
Blakely (1902-82) contributed background paintings and foreground work to the Akeley Hall of African Mammals, such as the gemsbok diorama, during the 1930s.