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see oryxoryx
, name for several small, horselike antelopes, genus Oryx, found in deserts and arid scrublands of Africa and Arabia. They feed on grasses and scrub and can go without water for long periods. Oryxes are light in color with dark patches on the face and legs.
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He told me the properly needed lots of blue wildebeest and some gemsbok culled, so that was our main focus.
The gemsbok lowered its head in a final warning for us to back off.
The stable isotope analysis of potential prey showed that herbivores can be assigned to one of two groups: either the grazer group feeding mostly on C4 grass (cattle, hartebeest, gemsbok and warthog) or the browser group feeding mostly on C3 plants (kudu and springbok).
Londt (1983) recorded material: SOUTH AFRICA: 3 [male] 7 [female] Kalahari Gemsbok Park, Nossob R.
In one sequence from the series, Salmoni pulls this stunt with a lioness called Cleo, resting with the pride's cubs and a gemsbok kill.
I have a lot of animals mounted in my trophy room taken with this handgun, including Mule deer, turkey, whitetail, waterbuck, gemsbok, impala, zebra, mouflon, Catalina goat, Aoudad and exotic sheep such as Corsican, Black Hawaiian and Texas Dall.
Blakely (1902-82) contributed background paintings and foreground work to the Akeley Hall of African Mammals, such as the gemsbok diorama, during the 1930s.
31: 8775-8782), a gemsbok that is being stalked by a man turns into a lion.
Tony Weaver begeeft zich naar het Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, gelegen in het uiterste noordwesten van het land.
In 1930 the Khomani San moved from their homelands and settled mainly at Northern Cape and Gemsbok Park.
2003) Infectious disease survey of gemsbok in New Mexico.