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gene pool,

the total of all genesgene,
the structural unit of inheritance in living organisms. A gene is, in essence, a segment of DNA that has a particular purpose, i.e., that codes for (contains the chemical information necessary for the creation of) a specific enzyme or other protein.
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 in a population of a particular species. See geneticsgenetics,
scientific study of the mechanism of heredity. While Gregor Mendel first presented his findings on the statistical laws governing the transmission of certain traits from generation to generation in 1856, it was not until the discovery and detailed study of the
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Gene Pool


(Russian genofond), the qualitative composition and the relative quantity of the different forms (alleles) of the various genes in the population of one or another species of organism. By the term “gene pool” (the term in Russian was introduced by the Russian scientist A. S. Serebrovskii in 1928) is meant the allelic composition of the population or of all the members of the species, including all the variable characters and traits of the species or one or another selection from them, which is of interest to the researcher. When there is a sharp reduction in the number of individuals or a change in external conditions, the recessive gene pool— which is the sum total of recessive alleles that are for the most part excluded from natural selection—ensures that there will be a rapid change in the genetic makeup of the population. In the genetically less studied species, it is possible to determine the so-called phenotypic pool (a phene is an elementary character). Taking stock of hereditarily variable characters of farm animal and plant species under study, together with a determination of the frequencies of various alleles, is of great practical significance. The study of the gene pool of man has fundamental significance for human genetics.


Serebrovskii, A. S. “Genogeografiia i genofond sel’skokhoziaistvennykh zhivotnykh SSSR.” Nauchnoe slovo, 1928, no. 9.


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gene pool

[′jēn ‚pül]
The totality of the genes of a specific population at a given time.
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So, quotas can only realistically be set in areas where there is a large enough population and gene pool to maintain sustainability.
"Fifty years later we may have a very restricted gene pool something which the thoroughbred industry is trying to tackle," he said.
Due to complexity of ethnic and genetic processes in the age of broad migration and genetic interaction of Asian tribes with Slavic, Finno-Ugric and Turkic ethnic groups in Central Asia, it is impossible to establish authentically the basic components that formed the basis for the formation of the gene pool of indigenous population - Kazakhs by using traditional historical methods.
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Rachid Benaissa said Sunday that the major State's support for agriculture sector in 2010 will go to water conservation and gene pool. The minister, in a national radio broadcast, said the sector will benefit this year of 210 to 220 billion dinars for rural and agricultural revival and to support the activities relating to research and technical assistance.
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Nineteen lines of chickens specially bred to make identification of disease-resistance genes easier are the newest additions to a unique gene pool maintained since the 1930s.
There is a serious risk of disease and an altered gene pool from these domestic elk and I am authorizing these activities to begin at the earliest time possible."
Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain via a process which, in the broad sense, can be called imitation." Memes are associated with the emerging field of memetics.