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gene pool,

the total of all genesgene,
the structural unit of inheritance in living organisms. A gene is, in essence, a segment of DNA that has a particular purpose, i.e., that codes for (contains the chemical information necessary for the creation of) a specific enzyme or other protein.
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 in a population of a particular species. See geneticsgenetics,
scientific study of the mechanism of heredity. While Gregor Mendel first presented his findings on the statistical laws governing the transmission of certain traits from generation to generation in 1856, it was not until the discovery and detailed study of the
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Gene Pool


(Russian genofond), the qualitative composition and the relative quantity of the different forms (alleles) of the various genes in the population of one or another species of organism. By the term “gene pool” (the term in Russian was introduced by the Russian scientist A. S. Serebrovskii in 1928) is meant the allelic composition of the population or of all the members of the species, including all the variable characters and traits of the species or one or another selection from them, which is of interest to the researcher. When there is a sharp reduction in the number of individuals or a change in external conditions, the recessive gene pool— which is the sum total of recessive alleles that are for the most part excluded from natural selection—ensures that there will be a rapid change in the genetic makeup of the population. In the genetically less studied species, it is possible to determine the so-called phenotypic pool (a phene is an elementary character). Taking stock of hereditarily variable characters of farm animal and plant species under study, together with a determination of the frequencies of various alleles, is of great practical significance. The study of the gene pool of man has fundamental significance for human genetics.


Serebrovskii, A. S. “Genogeografiia i genofond sel’skokhoziaistvennykh zhivotnykh SSSR.” Nauchnoe slovo, 1928, no. 9.


gene pool

[′jēn ‚pül]
The totality of the genes of a specific population at a given time.
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I believe long before the BHA was thinking about bettors we breeders should have been concerned about the long-term welfare of the gene pool and acted accordingly.
The accessions from those subclusters (II, III, IV, V and VI) showed a two-color pattern (red and green) in the bar plot (Figure 3), indicating introgression in the gene pool.
This means it has made at least one "donation" to its gene pool.
The results of the study of genetic diversity of mitochondrial gene pool of the Kazakhs showed their high heterogeneity.
It showed that a relatively small immigrant Anglo-Saxon population, made up of invaders from Germany, Holland and Denmark, could have changed the face of British gene pool simply by using their economic advantage during apartheid to outbreed the Brits, according to research by the UCL Department of Biology.
But love it or hate it, Fuksas has guts from the same gene pool as Will Alsop.
was worried that the American gene pool was declining.
From what's know about hybridization between world crops and wild relatives to issues of rare species preservation and gene pool vitality, Dangerous Liaisons provides some intriguing insights into what happens when cultivated plants mingle with wild ones.
While small-seeded Mesoamerican black beans are prevalent in parts of the Caribbean, many of the regionally preferred red mottled and medium-to-large-seeded bean landraces found there are postulated to belong to the Andean gene pool.
We struggled so hard in the beginning, I made a commitment to everyone who struggled along with me that any promotions within the company would go to the people who built it and not to someone from a lucky gene pool.
Other researchers are studying how the genes for left-handedness or longevity have moved through the Utah gene pool over time.
William Merwin's collection of Pritchardias is an extraordinary gene pool representing these endangered species," Chapin says.