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Establishing a strategic network of aerodromes will ensure a balance between transport and housing development priorities, protecting the general aviation sectors contribution to the UK economy.
The hub will support all of BGAC's general aviation operations across six provinces and one city in eastern China, by taking over the responsibilities for delivery, assembly and refitting of fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and business jets as well as general aviation operations, maintenance, training, supply of replacement parts and management of information-based systems.
As the newest addition to the General Aviation Services team, Coleman brings with him over two decades of aviation industry experience.
Yes, general aviation is riskier than sitting at home watching television.
According to him, GE Aviation Business & General Aviation Turboprops has more than 1,600 M601 engines in service that have accumulated more than 17 million flight hours on 30 applications.
There are more than 19,000 total landing facilities designated for small aircraft in the United States and about 400 international inbound general aviation flights a day.
At Van Nuys - the nation's busiest general aviation airport serving corporate charters and private pilots - security is generally left up to the individual aircraft operators.
This is probably not news to you if you're already a member of the private plane community--known as general aviation, or simply "GA," in the trade.
For decades, general aviation (as all noncommercial, nonmilitary flying is officially categorized) has been hampered by the expense and time required to get a pilot's license and the instrument rating required for flight in less-than-ideal weather.
With much less fanfare Congress passed the General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA) of 1994 to limit product liability exposure for manufacturers of general aviation aircraft.

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