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internal medicine,

branch of medicinemedicine,
the science and art of treating and preventing disease. History of Medicine
Ancient Times

Prehistoric skulls found in Europe and South America indicate that Neolithic man was already able to trephine, or remove disks of bone from, the skull
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 concerned with nonsurgical remedies for diseases of the internal organs. While the internist is trained to diagnose and treat all pathologies of the various internal organs and systems, he may specialize in a particular subbranch of the discipline, such as cardiology, the treatment of heart ailments, or gastroenterology, the treatment of diseases and disorders of the digestive system.
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3] Associate Professor, Department of General Medicine, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore.
Fraz Mir said that general medicine started as a specialty in 1993 but it was in 2003 that acute medicine was formally established and from 2003-2010 we have four hundred fifty Acute Medicine specialists.
General Medicine, PC, The Post-Hospitalist Company, has worked with the State of Illinois' Integrated Care Plan to reduce its hospital readmission rate for post-acute Medicaid patients by 18 percent in the first year.
The authors contend that it is especially critical for hospitals to have in place systematic interventions targeting general medicine patients now that Medicare may be changing reimbursement policies for hospital readmissions.
This facility would replace most of the ambulatory services currently provided at the Petrie Campus in Stuyvesant Square, including general medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics and surgery and dental medicine, as well as radiology and lab services.
The BiblioMed CD-ROM Series allows physicians, medical students and health care professionals to conduct citation searches and review full-text sources and reference materials from more than 500 medical journals and dozens of reference books - at the touch of a button - in any location and without incurring communications or online costs; Providing a complete medical library for general medicine, cardiology and gastro-enterology, HealthCare Information Service, Inc.
This confirms previous reports that practitioners of general medicine often serve as gatekeepers to mental health care, the scientists assert.
com)-- According to the latest market report published by Transparency Market Research "General Medicine Education Publishing Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecast, 2012-2018," the global publishing market for general medicine education was worth USD 2.
The findings, in the International Journal of General Medicine, found 82% of patients feared they may be given untested pills.
THE Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust has appointed Dr Vadamalai Vivek as consultant in renal and general medicine.