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The name is often chosen to be memorable for advertising, or to be easier to say or spell than the generic name.
The generic name mipsagargin includes a novel pre-stem, "gargin," indicating that it is unlike any named drug currently or previously on the market or in development.
Sometimes, Drahl noted, a generic name will also include hints about its developer that a drug company has suggested to the council.
In the interests of simplicity and space, the tables show the generic names of drugs but the Prescription Cost Analysis includes further details such as the proprietary names, presentation and concentration of the drugs supplied.
Haymarket said the new title provides prescribing information for the range of medical professionals and editorial includes over 1400 product monographs relevant to long-term case, with listing of brand and generic name, manufacturer, class, indications, dose, contraindications, precautions, interactions, adverse reactions and method of supply.
NanoPro-Tech (nanostructure-oriented properties control technology) is the generic name for the technology to control the affinity between the filler and the polymer at will.
The generic name Arminda is preoccupied by Arminda Krauss 1892 (Orthoptera, Caelifera, Catantopidae) (Krauss 1892: 168).
of California-Los Angeles)--contains monographs providing information on the fetal and neonatal risk factors for some 900 drugs listed by their American generic name, adding reviews of some 130 drugs over the last edition.
Palatinose, also known under the generic name isomaltulose, is a unique sugar that can help reduce the low glycemic and low insulin response of foods.
The glossary from Gay Men's Health Crisis, also updated in 2003, includes each antiretroviral listed by its generic name along with possible side effects.
The proprietors of the B&B opted for a generic name tied to the park itself; had they maintained historical integrity and called it the Bushyhead Christian Inn, they might have lost potential business to travelers who assumed it catered to a very specific clientele.
On an extended trip, take an extra prescription with you, and know the generic name of your medication in case a local pharmacy carries a different brand.

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