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see civetcivet
or civet cat,
any of a large group of mostly nocturnal mammals of the Old World family Viverridae (civet family), which also includes the mongoose. Civets are not true cats, but the civet family is related to the cat family (Felidae).
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(vertebrate zoology)
The common name for nine species of small, arboreal African carnivores in the family Viverridae.


Jean . 1910--86, French dramatist and novelist; his novels include Notre-Dame des Fleurs (1944) and his plays Les Bonnes (1947) and Le Balcon (1956)
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The total number of ramets per genet (TNR) differed significantly between the three different modes of plant establishment in each study year (Table 1, Figure 2).
Genet was well aware of the problems of commitment himself.
We recognise justice has been done today and so ends a long and traumatic judicial process for Genet's family and friends.
In an era frantic with the idolatry of having, spurred on by the theft known as property, which begets status which begets respectability which begets a semblance of substance to a self which deep in our heart we fear to be ephemeral, Genet speaks eloquently as pickpocket and burglar, singing the praise of saintliness and thieving, showing sovereign disregard for those delusional bourgeois values which current mainstream psychotherapy endorses or at the very least fails to disparage.
But then, with his characteristic penchant for betrayal, Genet makes remarks such as "The weakest, and the weakest link in the Arab world, [are] the Palestinians" (256).
Contributors also explore how theorists engage with Genet: Francois Bizet scrutinizes Bataille's responses to Genet; while Derrida's Glas resounds once more, having been revisited ...
Three hundred and thirteen to 1004 fully expanded leaves (second leaf from the stolon tip or older) per genet were destructively harvested during a period of 1 to 10 wk posttransplantation, covering the whole range of leaf sizes.
Genet performed "Sonata in G Minor" by Thomas Davos/Thomas Ayres on the clarinet.
La pratique theatrale et la mort entretiennent dans l'univers esthetique de Jean Genet des relations tres etroites.
Genet left Isaac with a neighbour, who was covering the youngster with a wet towel.
The study of the selection of arthropods of common genet is achieved by the use of Savage index Wi = Ai / Di quoted by Savage [29] which Ai is the relative abundance of arthropod Genetta genetta and Di is the relative abundance of arthropod species trapped by the pitfall traps.