genetic screening

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genetic screening:

see genetic testinggenetic testing,
medical screening for genetic disorders, by examining either a person's DNA directly or a person's biochemistry or chromosomes for indirect evidence. Testing may be done to identify a genetic disorder a person has, whether the disorder is already evident or not,
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Advances in SNP-based NIPT technology have allowed for the expansion of these prenatal genetic screening options for conditions unrelated to maternal age such as targeted microdeletions and single gene disorders.
Ethnographic or otherwise empirically grounded sociological studies can advance our knowledge by demonstrating and analyzing the range of opinions and behaviors that lay people have when coming to terms with genetic screening.
The Genetic Screening Clinic will hopefully be open by the beginning of the New Year.
We believe that genetic screening makes the puppies more valuable.
Gruber and his colleagues used a mathematical model to determine the medical and cost effectiveness of colorectal cancer genetic screening based on a simple family history.
Since the 1980s the BHF has invested in studies that find the genetic cause of FH and prove that genetic screening of families does really save lives.
Most genetic screening is not aimed at initial infant mortality.
The genetic screening project has been handed over to the American University Beirut which is expected to start a field survey and present a feasibility study to the ministry by February end.
This consumer model for genetic screening has unclear downstream costs and unknown benefits at the present time.
MEN could be offered genetic screening for prostate cancer within four years following a breakthrough in research.
Genetic Screening, Service and Environmental/Chemical revenues all grew in double digits to account for 15%, 24% and 27% of LAS revenue, respectively.