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Nelson Geraldino, 18, and Pedro Genoa, 17, were killed, and Mr.
Geraldino was stabbed in the chest and upper abdomen, and Pedro Genoa suffered gunshot and stab wounds to the abdomen, police said.
Police said Ronny Genoa armed himself with a machete and struck both Carrion brothers with the weapon.
Bush stayed at the harbourfront Jolly Hotel Marina), and the security measures described earlier were put in place by the prefecture of Genoa.
The Genoa Social Forum (GSF), an umbrella organization of some 700 international, Italian, and local Genoa-based NGOs and civil-society coalitions, included Drop the Debt but also Ya Basta
The violence we have seen in Genoa achieves nothing.
A spectrum of issues ranging from the environment to women's rights was represented in Genoa by a variety of NGO groups.
A few weeks before the Genoa summit, the Italian presidency of the G8 released a document entitled `Beyond Debt Relief,' which sets forth the elements of an international strategy to stimulate growth and eradicate poverty in the poorest of the developing countries.
The Genoa group asked the Carrions to move the car and words were allegedly exchanged, but it quickly escalated into violence that left two men dead, police said.
At some point during this confrontation Orville Carrion draws a firearm and begins to shoot at the Genoa brothers," state police said.
Geraldino and Pedro Genoa, both of the Meadowbrook Village apartment complex, were taken to UMass Memorial - HealthAlliance Leominster Campus.
Pedro Genoa was flown by helicopter to UMass Memorial Medical Center - University Campus in Worcester, where he died.