Gentleman's Agreement

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Gentleman’s Agreement

indictment of anti-Semiticism. [Am. Lit.: Gentleman’s Agreement]
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Germany bid director, Franz Beckenbauer, added: 'The gentleman's agreement was between Sir Bert Millichip and Egidius Braun (then head of the German FA) and some of the UEFA executive members bore witness to that.
We need to maintain the gentleman's agreement, and are looking for bookmakers to make sure that complaints are dealt with.
Hobson is best known for Gentleman's Agreement, the story of a journalist who poses as a Jew in order to gain a firsthand experience of anti-Semitism.
There is a gentleman's agreement in place but any change would then have to be registered with FIFA.
Forssell is only at St Andrews initially until the end of December although City have a gentleman's agreement to keep the Finland international for the rest of the season if Chelsea opt not to recall him.
Now a gentleman's agreement exists between Kevin Keegan and Lancaster Gate with the understanding that he wont lift the lid on the camp's inner workings.
They didn't sign for three years, but it was a gentleman's agreement, and they'd put in it that they'd be back this year.
There is a gentleman's agreement that in the big glamour friendlies, which attract huge crowds and generate income for the clubs, we should receive the SPL going rate.
It may a working partnership, some form of gentleman's agreement.
Coleman made no attempt to broker a gentleman's agreement to prevent Boa Morte from playing, and it is clear he does not regard his ex-player a threat.