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Brit History a man of gentle birth, who was entitled to bear arms, ranking above a yeoman in social position
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(Russian, dzhentl’men). (1) A man of “well-born” origins, a nobleman. This usage is now considered obsolete.

(2) In Great Britain and other English-speaking countries, a man who strictly adheres to the bourgeois “society” rules of behavior and observes so-called good form.

(3) A polite form of address to men in English-speaking countries. In the figurative sense a gentleman is a man who has been well brought up.

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It would be a far better world if speaking every thought weren't rewarded and if the gentlemanly arts were extended to the spoken and written word.
Each chapter explores a particular gentlemanly ideal and demonstrates how American elites struggled against democratic populists over "the question of how social order should be preserved and reproduced in a republican country" (6).
While the two have been very gentlemanly towards Sotto during the press conference, Lee revealed that it was not the case during the show.
We are of firm opinion that 'sledging' should be banned in this game of cricket, in which we would like to see gentlemanly behavior from every player.
Most women I know wouldn't want to see gentlemanly manners die out forever, like an endangered species under threat from an over-sweeping generalisation and concern not to end.
Rheon says, "It was a completely surreal moment for me working with them, but they treated me in such a gentlemanly way."
Love fact SOME 60 per cent of women claim not enough men are "gentlemanly", according to a poll.
A gentlemanly conduct meeting was held in the Wrinkled Stocking, Holm-firth on Wednesday.
A list of rules for the 21st-century gentleman by Country Life's Gentlemanly Commandments, published recently, contains advice on coloured trousers, pre-tied bow ties and an outright ban on tweeting.
The former footballer/model/ /global fashion icon was in London this week for the premiere of Class of 92, the movie about his Manchester United FA Youth Cup-winning side and was the epitome of gentlemanly style in a Ralph Lauren Black Label suit and white dress shirt.
They pride themselves on the gentlemanly way of pushing you backwards for a long period of time.
cavalier: gallant and gentlemanly; haughty and ungentlemanly.